Money Moves

Buy More, If You Want More


The time has come for you to wake up. You have been sleeping for far too long. The ground beneath your feet hasn’t stopped spinning. You can’t continue with that “retail purchasing” attitude anymore. Perhaps, you haven’t considered how much you are losing with this buying in bits attitude.

Sometimes, it’s easier getting what you need at the moment off the shelf. A lot of us in wanting to prepare some meal will decide on the ingredients needed. We then walk to any shop close by, where we can get access to these ingredients. We buy them and walk away. I couldn’t agree with you more; it’s easier and quicker. But rest assured you are losing. You are losing some amount of money you will term as negligible. The accumulation of those negligible monies is making someone rich.

You have to maximize whatever money your get or earn. In this case, you have to go to the market and buy foodstuff in bulk. It saves you time and money. Besides, you are not fully utilizing that refrigerator in the kitchen of your home or balcony of your hostel. It is always half empty, and your electricity bill each month is not reducing either. Why not maximize its use?

If you are worried about the fish or meat, technology has got you. There are a lot of videos on the internet to help you know how to preserve them. Buying things in bulk is not restricted to foodstuff alone. It could drinks, fruits, biscuits, and any other thing you usually consume. No amount of money is negligible. You will gain if take pains to buy things/items in bulk.             

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