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Can We Stop This Petty Politicization of Everything?


Can we elevate the discourse? Can we for once stop this petty politicization of everything and look at the real issues? Perhaps the two major political parties have been the ones which have further deepen the woes of this young democracy of ours. They go at each other on every issue, even religious ones. They are always looking forward to scoring cheap political points at every turn. The opposition tend to whip up the emotional sentiments of victims of unfortunate incidents against the ruling class. This is the question I believe they ask: “how can we make the pot blacker?”

It is always how they can make their parties look good in the eyes of voters. It is always about letting the voter know how less of a destroyer they are compared to the others. Politicians talk about aspects in areas the have little knowledge about. They quote figures, unwittingly analyze diagrams and tell us what they have been told, and not what they know. Communicators including parliamentarians belonging to one side speak the same way and toe the same line regardless. The slumberer all of a sudden wakes up to national duties when the table turns. Politicians always become “nationalists” in opposition. They hold dear the responsibility of putting the government in check every step of the way. They behave as if they care when they are actually seeking to make their party attractive to the floating voter. It has always been about them and their families. It doesn’t matter whose head they step on to get to the top. They promise heaven and can’t even deliver hell.

They descend into the gutters when we are looking and scratch each other’s back when we turn away. Parliament has become a rubber stamp, with majority always bamboozling its way through to please the President and party. They allow state officials to go unpunished for non-performance because they make every issue political rather than national. It is sometimes sickening to hear them talk but they never stop talking. Interestingly, we never stop listening.

They play games on our minds and in some instances insult our intelligence. They are “necessary evils”. Discerning voters are always torn between the devil and the deep blue sea. The so called third force (smaller parties) doesn’t offer any better alternative. They are simply occupying space.

Now to the up and coming; to the young politicians, I am worried. I am worried because I hear them speak like the old heads. They propagate untruths just to make their opponents look bad. They arbitrarily abuse power. They skew facts and go at each other like the old heads. Their youthful exuberance knows no boundary until they are called to order. But in all this, I am hopeful. Sometimes it’s better to hope against hope.

We were ready to follow but the politician was not ready to lead. Until our political class leads, we will continue to mark time. The citizenry will only follow when the politicians lead.

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