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I Hate Old People

old people

I hate old people. Not all old people, just old people with old mindset who try to downplay everything my generation is doing. What I really to say to them is, “If you really hate living in this generation, just die already.”

First of all, I read history and listen to old people a lot. I have read enough history and interacted with old people to know we are living in the best of times. The world is at the best it could possible be. Human beings have been living on earth for over 6 million years at least. Most of the major inventions and human advancements have happened within the last 200 years and the fastest life has grown has happened with the last 50 years and technology has grown faster and advanced the fastest within the last 30 years. Everyday for the last 30 years something new is invented or there is an advancement. We are making the world better. Old people are just jealous their generation didn’t have what we have, that we made ourselves.

They like to say my generation is entitled. I don’t even know where that talk comes from but let me give you one example. As a person who works in show business, I talk to musicians and other artists everyday. When you ask old highlife singers why they are not releasing music, they will talk about lack of executive producers and marketers. All they do they is complain about the change of the system and the fact that music shops has turned to phone shops. My generation doesn’t wait for those things. We have the internet. We use the internet to be our own marketers and use our own money to be our executive producers. Old people are just not innovative and they lack the drive for change.

I was reading a research recently. It was based on songs which has been hits in the US since the 60s. The research found that hit songs are more lyrical and more complex words are used today than ever.

The average hit song in 2019 has more unique words than the average hit song in 1979. Call it mumble rap but the Migos use more words in a song than The Beatles did in their entire album. So for old people to say our music lacks content is plain senseless. Old people are just bitter for nothing.

I hate old people because old people are sad that they didn’t do much with their youth. They call us entitled because they were entitled in their youth and regret it. They call lazy because they were lazy in their youth and regret it. Their criticisms are just projections. I have never seen an old person who is happy in life hating on the youth. Old people who are happy with the lives see good in youth and always try to embrace it through mentorship.

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