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My Parents Raised Me Well


The other day my dad spoke to me about the use of the word ‘fuck’ in my writings. He didn’t like it, he said it didn’t speak well of me and my upbringing. People will think I wasn’t raised well, he bemoaned. He said, “nigga, you need to take that cuss off.” I said, “even if I mute it, the cuss is there. People can still hear it in their heads.”

My parents raised me well and they think people will think they didn’t if I use profane language. I told him, me and my friends use profane language all the time. My writing portray how I live – how my generation lives. Words like “fuck” are normal in our speeches so it will unreal for me to pretend there are not.

He asked what about his age-mates who are uncomfortable with the use of such words in public. I said, “that is their problem. Their kids use them too.”

I’m pretty sure our parents have vices they do behind close doors too. I don’t go about wondering how many rounds my parents went the night or day they made me. How many times before or after the night or day my mom took seed. I don’t care about what my parents do behind closed doors but I have the balls to talk about what me and my generation do on wax and that is what makes me an artist.

We know how Shakespeare’s generation lived because he wrote about his time. Same with Chinua Achebe and every other great writer and artist. If you watch the documentaries and read the biographies of people like Pablo Picasso and Michelangelo, you’ll realise they were just responding to issues in their day with their art. Pablo didn’t say I will create an artform and call it Cubism. He just created, posterity made his creation a tradition. That is why I hate traditions and people who are so obsessed with holding on to them.

In my song, #MurderMahama, I said, “I don’t do throwback pussy.” That is my way of saying “fuck traditions.” Traditions are the reason we don’t grow as a people and especially as artists. What we are supposed to do is take the old rules and modernise them. That is why I love hip hop. Hip hop is about discovering new sounds and merging it with the old ones. That is why I respect guys like Jupitar who create their own artform by merging the traditional forms of dancehall with their the Ghanaian way and I think they have the right to call it whatever they want. That’s how we created highlife from jazz.

Taylor Swift said, “this is a new sound”, when she merged country with pop music and old school American folk music and called it Pop Music. It’s our time. Let’s keep confusing the old book readers.

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