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New Activity, New Attire, Bad Attitude


We are social beings. As a result, we like to occasionally meet up and fraternize. We like to attend social gatherings or events such weddings, parties, carnivals, concerts and on the dark side of life, funerals. Looking at the pressures that life brings, these events help us to distress. So sometimes, it is in our own interest to once a while partake in them. I am not in any way judging you if you frequent them. I appreciate the differences as far people are concerned. My reservation is simple; you don’t have to sew or buy a new dress/attire for every event.  

Considering our society, some occasions would require you to get a new dress/attire and this is in no doubt. But it is problematic if this is your attitude. When you sew or buy a new dress/attire for every new occasion. This attitude cuts across genders. Perhaps, you haven’t sat down to count the cost you incur. Most of us only consider the amount of money charged by the seamstress or tailor. We don’t consider the cost incurred in acquiring the fabric. Though your appearance in terms of attire may look new at every event, on the blind side it is draining you financially.

We don’t plan every event, some just come up. So your response will be impulsive if you have to sew/buy a dress/attire. Even if the miscellaneous expenditure in your budget can cater for such costs, it is imprudent. It is also unsustainable especially if you are an extrovert.

Interesting, this kind of attitude is not restricted to dresses/attires alone. It also involves shoes. I know your love your shoes. I know you’d like be fashionable. You would like to get some matching shoes and purse for your new or already existing attire. But could your for once stop to count your cost? Could you stop to think of how much you will be saving if you do away with this attitude? As funny as it may sound, it is true. Some of you play hide and seek with your seamstresses or tailors for days. Why would you want to go through this stress? This kind of stress can be easily avoided.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not in any way preventing you from looking good for every event. But is dress you sewed last two weeks out of style? Is it too old fashioned to be worn next week? What about that urgent need of yours which will do you a lot of good if satisfied?….Selah!

The attitude of sewing or buying a new dress/attire for every occasion is a bane of one’s financial life. It will be in your interest to avoid it. I feel uncomfortable telling people “I told you so.”

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