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SGIT5: Why Don’t Married Women Have Male Friends?


Last month, my cousin Clarence and his wife Faustie celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. They are my favourite couple and the couple in my family I’m closest with. The second year, I saw on Facebook that it was on her birthday. Two days later, I finally remembered to call her to wish her a happy birthday. I started by apologizing for not calling earlier. She responded by saying, “Don’t worry about it, you are the only guy to call me this year anyway.”

Our conversation went on for minutes about how no guy calls her again. Her husband joined her to talk about the stream of guys who used to call her on the minute when they were dating.

Three of my six closest friends are married. I know I know. I should also do and marry. In my defense, I’m still a student. Back to the matter. I was chatting with two of my friends’ wives about the fact that they don’t pick calls anymore. They both told me they don’t even know where their phones are anymore. Nobody calls them so they don’t see why they should carry their phones around like it matters.

“Only one of my male friends still calls me. That’s so unfair. All my husband’s female friends still call him, some even at odd hours”, Bene bemused. She’s Ben’s wife and the only human whose cabbage stew I like. Tilly, Frankie’s wife also chimed in her lamentation about how married women needs friends too.

Both women told me both their husbands still have a ton of female friends. Women don’t have a problem being friends with married men, men do. Bene even complained that some women don’t know boundaries. I jumped in and said, “Men respect marriage vows more than women.”

Men respect the fact that you are officially another man’s. Women don’t respect marriage vows. I know I know. Married women deserve to have friends too. That’s why there are in-laws.

What have these stories got to do with Skinny Girl in Transit? Everything.

I’m a huge Skinny Girl in Transit fanatic. Like everybody else, I was excited to see the trailer for Season 5. There’s a marriage ceremony in the trailer. Tiwa and Femi’s engagement seem to be leading somewhere. The trailer also has some drama and roadblocks to their marriage and those are the things that excited.

I don’t want to see Tiwa and Femi married. Their marriage might bring some different drama angles, which may be exciting. Yeah yeah, but I don’t want that. I don’t know what to expect this season but as long as she’s not happily married, I’m happy with that. Nobody wants to talk with married women. Since the SGIT has a diary-like feel, married Tiwa will mean us watching diary entries of a married woman. I am not here for that.

One thing I noticed that I was excited about was the prominence of Shalewa and Mohammed. I have always wondered why the producers hold back on showing them more. If the trailers are to be believed, we are going to see Shalewa and Mohammed more. Their relationship will take a centre stage in the show. In the case where that is the case, I won’t mind Tiwa and Femi getting married.

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