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The National Cathedral Debate

national cathedral

“A priority among priorities.” This is how best the President has described the construction of the national cathedral. In his mind, this is settled and it is not up for discussion. Initially, the secretary to the board of trustees said the nation was just going to provide the land and the rest of the financial resource needed will come from benevolent individuals in and out of the country. However, it’s become apparent that the government of Ghana has made some financial commitment. To some Ghanaians, we have a lot on our plate and this is an unnecessary burden on the Ghanaian economy.

Today, I write from spiritual place; I write from an emotional place. It is disheartening to hear how people speak whenever the issue of the national cathedral comes up for discussion. They talk as if the financial commitment from government can solve all of Ghanaian’s problems. As a people; as a nation; as a republic, what have we done for God? What can God point to and say, for this reason,” I will make my dwelling among my people.” We hold thanksgiving services, prayer sessions and we think that alone is enough for God to save us whenever we call on him. How have we honoured the God in whose name we exercised our natural and alienable right to establish a framework of government to secure for ourselves and posterity the blessings of liberty, equality of opportunity and prosperity?

As a nation, we always want to be at the receiving end. Most people felt it was needless when the good old Professor in 2010 donated $3million to Haiti on behalf of Ghana. We felt so because we had a lot of problems at that time, just like we currently do. This time around, it is God. What we are simply saying is this: “God! We know we have to do something for you but let us see to our needs first and just maybe…just maybe we will give you the crumbs. After all, You created everything and You need nothing.” Some even say, “We have churches all over and places for national events in honour of God, whenever the need arises.” Yes! we do but just so you know, the national cathedral will be more than a place for national events.

Last week, the Supreme Court dismissed an application by Kwabena Bomfeh (a.k.a Kabila), challenging the constitutionality of government’s facilitation of the construction of the national cathedral. I don’t have a problem with him exercising his civic right, but he cannot claim that he is not anti – Christian. He may sit in church every Sunday, but obviously he is not converted. This also goes for those who profess to be Christians but are against the construction of the national cathedral. Continue to honour God with your lips.

I had a discussion with a friend who is of the view that, the national cathedral is not important. Like many Ghanaians, his main concern is that people lack jobs. Of course, I am not oblivious of the plight of citizens and the country at large. I am also not insensitive to the poor economic conditions of some. But truth is, I cannot hide my bias when it comes to the things of God. The national cathedral will cost us. But it reminds me of a King who said he will not give anything to God that will not cost him. In essence, the national cathedral must see the light of day even if the government will finance the whole project. It must be built come hell or high water.

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  1. It would be such a beauty to behold when it’s done. I think Ghanains will feel comfortable worshipping in it too.

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