In John 3:16; a description of the truest and purest form of love that can be shown to a person or to people. God understood that to love, He must make room for baggages and short comings. What do I mean by this? God’s sacrifice to redeem and restore covers for then, now and after now. This is a sincere kind of loving that we seem to throw aside when we set ourselves to play Mr and Mrs Perfect.

One of the many informations that we must relay to our consciousness at all times or as often as we need the remembrance is that, nobody is perfect. This is so that we do not and up thinking or believing that we are too good and that those who wrong us have fallen beneath our standard of goodness. The bible makes the standard for every and anything, God’s standard. It is the ultimate standard and since it is, we learn to accept other people’s failure.

Sometimes, we think some people in our lives are too perfect. It is almost as if we set a stage for them in our minds and place them on it.  We expect them to never do one wrong and sometimes, it’s not because they portrayed to us that they are themselves, that way. When we have done this, we exalt all the things that they do rightly to validate why they have taken the frontrow or centre stage of our life. When it works out well, all is well but when it fails, we easily forget that they are not perfect. That’s when we begin to say, I thought you said you were a Christian? Weren’t you the one who said, I don’t steal? But you said you don’t like Nigerians? The questions you must ask yourself is, is this why I loved this person?

The kind of love God demonstrated by this verse is such that we ought to believe. In depicting this same kind of love, we endeavour to believe in each of the persons to whom we pronounce our love for.  We tell them that I know you aren’t perfect but I believe you can be better. We still love them through their wrongs and it says to them that, in whatever circumstance, I will not define you by your wrongs. It seems to be the difficult part. What makes it difficult?

When we train ourselves to love this way, we expose our heart to the probability of getting hurt, we entertain wrongs that we ourselves never agree to and we end up sometimes being chastised for being like this. The good thing is since we work by faith, we can always expect things to work for good. So that, we rather expand the reach of our heart in accommodating people. Instead of anticipating hurt, carefully giving our love just because we have resolved not to agree with the wrong that they do, and valuing the amount of love we give so that we aren’t frustrated when it doesn’t work- what we rather do is, love.

Here is something I have noticed, when we do this, the people that we love are happy and they want to make us happy. Some of them will change so that they don’t lose us, simply because they know that there are not many like us. Some others will get away from us because they aren’t willing to hurt us with their resolution to remain bad. Lastly, since God will always move us, we would find that we just moved out of their reach. 

If you are reading this today, know that we are all adjusting to life and this is just one of the ways we must incorporate into the society we want to grow old in. In my mind’s eye, it would be a lovely place to grow up knowing there is peace in the world. It’s going to be a kind of heaven on earth and I look forward to working hard to achieve that. However, it is the world, if we don’t unitedly make the decision to, the world wouldn’t feel it. So, make the decision and spread the love.

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