VALENTINE’S DAY: Being In Love is Like Being Drunk


Being in love is like being drunk. When you are drunk, no matter how you claim you have absolute control of and over your mind and actions, you know that you aren’t in control. That’s why the bible says that we should be drunken with the Holy Spirit instead of wine. This way, you lose your mind and the Holy Spirit controls your mind.

The season for the celebration of love has come and you probably planned how to celebrate it since January. Where are the ladies? Where are the sweet boys association members? Love is a very broad topic and it even gets broader when we try to narrow it. I learnt from Chapter 13 of 1 Corinthians that love is a personality. It is a deep something. Let’s just delve into a different area. The entire thought I would share this week I found in 1John 4:12-

No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.

We serve a God who loved sinners. He sat to eat with them. He visited their home and gave His only begotten son for the world. A selfless God who still watches us make wrong choices after He had given His son to remedy our future sins. God indeed is incomparable. That is a class of love that has to be in your blood. I wouldn’t wonder why God said if you believe in Him, even after he had freely given His forgiveness and blood.  

Comparing this Godly trait called love to how we exhibit ours, it seems like we cling more with the truth that love is a choice than it being a trait in our genes. We want to choose those who fall in the category of whom we can love, when we can love them and how we can love them.  For some of us, we love intelligence, fashionable people, people below our social status, people who are wealthy etc. But really, we don’t get to love our neighbours because they need to pass the test before they can qualify to see us love them.

The verse says that none of us have seen God but God is in each of us and that love makes us perfect. To me, it means that I can’t claim to love God when I can’t love the person next to me.  The people around us are the challenges that we are faced with. The difference will set in when you study to see how best you can love them. Some of them would need you to share something you have. It could be time, money, knowledge or your service. Some could just want you to encourage them and pamper them. It is a lot of work but it’s a seed.

Love makes us vulnerable. Once you lose that command over your mind, you only exist at the mercy of those who surround you. Our ability to harness this ability to love leave us vulnerable. This vulnerability comes with a risk of being hurt and at the same time, it gives us peace. Before the death of Jesus, God was worried for His Children, He would abandon them, punish them and sometimes ignore them. All those did not make them regard Him. The fact that God already placed His love card on the table leaves Him with no worry. He is not worried because all that is needed is we picking it up to access Him.

In our daily lives, would we want to ask ourselves why we don’t want to love freely just like we enjoy the freedom of speech? Yet we look forward to a peaceful country. Where there is lack of love, strife is present. There’s always this fear that this thing could fail? This person can be the wrong person to love. We think about it and we just want to play it safe.  For example, I decide to not share my food with a neighbour’s kids because they may say I want to show off, or they might expect it to be a constant practise etc. Actually, it was because I was told people are so wicked that it might be said that I poisoned them if anything happens to them. So what’s the way forward?

The same risk we take to be in a relationship with one person; love them through their flaws and protect them with our love, that is the same way we ought to love our neignbours. We don’t need them to reciprocate the love, neither do we need them to love us first. The demand of God is that love makes us perfect. And the bible says that God is love. The bible tells us that different ministerial gifts have been imparted to perfect the saint and the bible also let’s us understand that if you have every thing but love, you are like an empty barrel.

In the spirit of the season, let’s extend our tentacles to the people we could influence with our love. Let’s reduce our focus to the minute areas of our life where love is lacking. We are adulting and we are expected to be a positive influence on people. Some of us are already influencing people by loving on them, weldone (in Naija accent). The rest of us whose steps are shaky have to embolden ourselves and step out. The easier hint I would give you is, when you see your neighbour, even when you can’t see anything to love about them, see the God on their inside. Being in love, like we said, is like being drunk. Drunk people don’t have control of their actions. Love unconditionally.

P.S they do not need to share in your believes or be in your age group before you can love them. Also, you don’t need to get them commending you before you feel you have shown them real love.

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