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VALENTINE’S DAY: How Much Money Should You Spend on Love?

Valentine's Day

That part of the year is with us again and as young people in relationships, most are looking forward to showing how much they love their partners. Well, love can be expressed in many ways but this time, it demands that you part with money. Regardless of the quantum, you have to do away with some amount. But before you go parting with any money, just remember to cut your coat according to your cloth. You will still need money after the 14th of February.

I had a chat with a friend few days back and this issue of spending on Val’s day came up. He said as often as possible, one is suppose to make his partner know that he loves her and will go out of his way to make that known to the world. Even if it takes shouting it on rooftops. However, he was of the view that it should not take a day set aside by the world to do that. It is sometimes unthinkable how people use this day as an excuse to make frivolous expenditures. Your decision to spend an amount of money on any day is premised on the income bracket in which you fall. So my question is, “why should Val’s day be different?”

There are different schools of thoughts as far Val’s day is concerned. There is one that believes that love can be shown regardless of the day. The second one espouses the idea that just like Christmas, Val’s day offers a tremendous opportunity to show love in a very special way. People belonging to the former would not have to worry because there is absolutely no pressure to please anyone. But the latter would have to do everything possible to avoid preaching virtue and practicing vice.

If you have already planned or saved towards this “special” day, you are good to go. Make the most out of what you have decided to spend but make sure you stay within limits. I’m sure that budget of yours doesn’t include miscellaneous expenses. If it does, boy! you are really in for business. Go ahead; spoil him or her, just do you. But be cautious, stay within your allocation. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.     

On the other hand, if you haven’t planned or saved towards Valentine’s Day, you can still spend. You still have some room to make some expenditure budget. However since you have not saved specifically for this occasion, there is the temptation to leap before looking. This, momentarily can do your finances a lot of damage, so be mindful. You must do the reasonable and not the needful. Val’s day is not Armageddon.  

Next week, we will share some fun things to do on Valentine’s Day, within the right budget.   

Credit: Bernard Osei Baafi

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