What Do You Want to Thank God For?

A few days ago, on my way to the market to shop for food stuffs. I saw a group of teenagers, male and between the ages 13-15, going about their own business. I had no way of knowing what that was. One of the boys caught my attention. He had a very smooth head, on most part of his head. The only portion where hair grew was just at the front part, close to his ears. I could only associate this to him being a victim of a fire accident (he was not bald).  He must have been a survivor, but the fire had left him with a scare that made him look like a grandpa. I thanked God that I saw that and it made me realise how ungrateful I have been.

I wanted bigger bum, longer lashes, more money and a smooth fresh skin (still want that though). Why am I trying to rope you into this?

I’m sure you have a list of things you are grateful for but there is this point you should note.

PsaIm 100:4 Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. KJV

Many Christians like myself have the routine of thanking God, asking God for forgiveness and then making a request before God at every morning devotion. It’s a good plan, but when following through with the routine, do you thank God because you see the need to thank Him or to prepare a way for the request you are about to make? Stop using God! You are not supposed to thank God only when you want something.

We seldom have our request up in our minds and even when we begin to thank God for various things, our minds are battling with us to hasten up to the place of making our request known to God. There are too many things to thank God for. For breath, that you can smell, talk, walk without aid, for having a job, that you are fertile, have not lost any member of your family and the fact that you could understand what you read etc.

Also, I realised that we fail to recognise these inherent blessings because it doesn’t measure up to what we have perceived to be perfect. From my point of view, thanksgiving gives you a kind of comfort that you can come out of whatever situation. You even realised that you begin to think of the relevant things after you have started to give thanks.

So that at every time that I ought to say God thank you for letting me have this, I would rather be asking more to be added or a fresh request. Well here is what God told Moses, His intent was when the Israelites are delivered from Pharoah . His intention was that every one would worship and serve him. Therefore, knowing that we are serving a God who never changes, we could say, that God’s interest is in our service to Him.

How do you serve God or worship Him when all you can think about when you are with Him is a request? God knew about this so he said to cast your fears and burdens on Him because He cares for you. He also said, worry not.

I would love to encourage you; that you could lay aside your many requests. You could choose to celebrate God; concentrating on all the things that you know He did because He should have.

Go ahead and call Him some affectionate names, even to the extent of coining a name for Him; like “waymaker”. Just look around you and inside of you, you would find reasons to thank God. And when you begin to, you could right them down too. It would help you maintain a life of gratitude to God. You could add the good deeds of people in your life and thank them as well.

Now, what do you want to thank God for?

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