Where Do You Dwell?


Could it be too early to alert you to a patrolling enemy? One who would disguise himself as a friend and make you an effort you can’t refuse? Jesus Christ shared a parable of a sower. He said that the sower sowed wheat, the enemy came at night to sow thorns amongst the wheat. The enemy didn’t remove what is sown, he just sow a silent killer by it. Each time the sower watered your wheat, he also water the thorns. As the wheat grew, the thorns will choke the wheat. And guess who comes to remove the spoils? The sower. You! You are the sower in my retelling of this parable.

At the beginning of the year, while you planned and strategized on how to get at your target, the enemy did not just sleep. He, she or it decided it’s own strategy in forms of rejections, sickness, confusion, bullies, emotional or psychological breakdowns or a fake friend. Unfortunately, we do not get prior understanding that these thorns exist. When we have a slight knowledge about it, they are easy to ignore it. Some times, we even assist it to grow with the intention that we will reap the good from it, then trash the bad. In the end, we blame ourselves for days, weeks, months or years for the things that failed. It’s possible that you are still blaming yourself for how bad the past has been, even in this new year.

The thorn was planted without your knowledge and when you grasped the understanding of what it was going to do to your wheat, rather than uproot it, you willed the whole land to the evil one. You desert your land just as he has always wanted and you start looking for a new place to start all over. What you did in essence is hive him more room to dominate. He takes the chance to grow more thorns on your land so that he can come to your newly acquired land with more thorns that he ever put on the first one. This is a routine that may never end. The enemy is still walking to and fro on the earth’s surface, seeking whom to destroy. And what they say about those who run from a fight is, they live to fight another day.

The simple thought I am sharing today has to be the last thing you read. I want you to take something gracious out of this conversation.

Psalm 91:1&2

He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and fortress, my God in Him will I trust.

This chapter in the Psalm is a declaration of faith. It tells of the position of those who are hid in Christ. It declares a trust relationship, which states that because I have made God my confidant, my best friend, my parent, my advisor, I am sure that I am permanently covered. The secret place of the Most High is a place that is out of bound from evils. This means that you get to live without worry because you are in a secret location. There is a thing about secrets that I love, until there is a disclosure somehow, you enjoy safety. So until God, who will never tell on you to the enemy, until He, rats you out, you are safe. Or, when you tell someone about your secret dwelling.

Instead of walking the paths to our goals sacred and expecting the things that swayed us in the past, can we make a difference by getting into the secret place of the Most High? Can we choose to make declarative statements that support our plans? Can we speak of things that aren’t as though they were? This time not because we have powered up and have prepared ourselves to do better or win. This time, it’s because we are walking under the shadow of the Almighty. No evil can find us because it meets with the Almighty, it scares because the Almighty is mighty enough to handle it. All we just do is walk in the shadow of who He is. Can we do that this week?

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