Would You Like To Go Back To Your First Love?

First Love

Would you like to go back to your first love? Do you ever remember what it felt like talking to them? How you lose track of time and seem to skip meals just to be with them? How they were the top of your priority and nothing else matters if it didn’t concern them? How you defended their every actions, even if they are clearly wrong? Those are the times you look back at now and call “when you were young and stupid”.

Do remember it was a similar feeling when you first encountered Jesus? How is your relationship with Jesus now?

Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Revevelation 2:4 , KJV

When you look at the verses preceding the one above, it refers to all the things that the church in Ephesus did, they were all things one will deem one, except they neglected their first love.

Let’s put aside the over-drummed fact that Jesus died for our sins. Pardon me but it may vague sometimes. It happened over 2000 years ago and I am just in my 20’s.

We can at least think about what our early lives with him has been. How we have lived loving him or not loving him? There were times you said emergency prayers so that He could come to your rescue. There were times you only called Him to ask for things, don’t you still do that? And how you feel like you are in the right place with Him because once a while you do something nice, attach His name to it and you think it makes up for all the times you neglected your relationship with Him?

When Jesus asked Peter, do you love me? It sounded like a foolish question. Peter was following Him, of course I love you, that’s what Peter said. Peter began to doubt that He loved Jesus because He almost wasn’t sure why Jesus was so concerned about that. Do you love Jesus? Let’s run that love through some checkers.

1. When you love somebody, you want to talk to them always.

Remember the late night calls, the countless messages and planned time together just to get to know each other? How much have you invested into your relationship with God? You might keep that answer to yourself.

2. When I fell in love, the whole world knew it.

My social media status said it. My friends won’t hear the end of it. My family knew it and I was certain I have found the one. I talked about our kiss and the mushy things we enjoyed in the secret places and open places. Who knows about your love relationship with Jesus? You want people to know you but you don’t think Jesus should be part of that knowledge. Before you call that being preachy, I bet you didn’t think that way about talking about your First Love with your friends. His word says in Him we live, move and have our being. If this is the case for you, your First Love is part of your personality.

3. We broke up because I didn’t really know him.

We talked a lot but I always did the talking. I told him all about me but knew nothing about him. The time came for me to reconcile my feeling with the reality. In our prayer times, why do we always talk so much that we never hear anything from Him before we leave? Our First Love is a living God and He speaks. Has He ever said anything to you? If you aren’t sure, then it’s because you aren’t close enough. Sometimes, you get to know someone so much that they become vulnerable to you. Abraham had God ask Him what he wanted. God has a soft spot for David, even after he committed adultery. You might want God to know you and your deepest secrets, you also have to make an effort to know him, only then can your relationship was stronger.

God is not choosy but you are. You chose that He would not like you as much because you smoked, drank, were absent from church, masturbated or even had an abortion.  He died because of all of those things you have used to disqualify yourself, and you just happen to be part of the world that He so loved. This week is for a new dawn. I am not asking you to rekindle an old flame, I am asking you to start a new fire.

Now that you can testify whether you love God or not, it’s time to work at the success of that relationship. I would add that, staying woke can be difficult but it is made easy because we can always sleep and anticipate waking up. Awake to your First Love this week and beyond. Happy loving.

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